what will be the year of passing if I give exam for improvement of performence in any subject

I have cbse exam and desire to particate in the exam in next year for a particular subject that to improve my performance. then what will my year of passing in cbse examination. wheather i shall be treated as regular candidate if iI appear aforesaid exam on sucessfuyll comletion of aforesaid examination?



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    In case of improvement (not compartment), the year of passing will be same when you passed the exam first time. It is not the year you improved your marks.

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      i failed in maths compartment exam held on july 16 2013 but i want to give improvement in maths,physics and chemistry in the next year. Am i eligible to appear for improvement in all the 3 subjects or i have to give maths re-compartment in the next year? pl reply quick cbse-admin !

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