what is the result of this? like fa1+fa2+sa1 i.e 1]A2+A2+BI=? 2]B2+A1+A2=?




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    1.A2 2.A2 but its not so because the grades of all the 4 formative and 2 summative assessments are added separately. It also depends on subjects and your 9th class result.
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    These are the grades which are awarded to you according to your performance in your assesments and tests.
    Basically these are divided in a simple manner like:
    for 91 to 100 A1 is awarded and its value is 10
    for 81 to 90 A2 is awarded and its value is 9
    Proceeding this way B1 has value of 8, B2 of 7 and C1 of 6 ……
    Now their result is simply the average of the grade points you have scored.
    For example: If you have scored A2 A1 and B1, the mean of 9, 10, and 8 will give you the overall grade point of your result and then your main grade will be decided.

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