what is buffer stock

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    Good question Dikesh Patel
    buffer stock is is the amount of food grains or food production we need.
    The actual stock is the amount of food grains or food production which is produced.
    FOR example: the Government of India needs 22 million tonnes of rice and wheat for the PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (PDS) and what the Government got is 35 million tonnes this extra 13 million tones is stored in storage warehouses. The extra is most helpful during some disaster or natural calamity in a situation like this the extra quantity is given to the effected people.

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    The total amount of food grains mainly rice and wheat present with FCI is buffer stock

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    buffer stocks mean food keep seprate in any place

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    stocks of food grains maintained by fci to maintain food security

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    Buffer Stock – It is the stock of food grains particularly, wheat and rice which the government procures through the Food Corporation of India (FCI). The FCI purchases these cereals directly from the farmers of those states where they are in surplus. The price of these commodities is much before the actual sowing season of these crops. The food grains thus purchased by the FCI are kept in big granaries and are called Buffer Stock. Maintaining buffer stock is a step taken by the government in order to ensure food security in the country.

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