is cbse open book system good or bad?

cbse is going to interduce open book system for class xi and x, how it is helpful to students?


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    i think it is g8
    but a little problem in eng comprehensions

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    this system holds good if and only if the student have read their text books thoroughly atleast twice and they know it well that answer to which question lies on which page. Because there will be time of 3 hrs. only and one has to find the answer first and only then they can write in the sheet. If one spend max time in searching the answer then when will he/she write it.

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    very good system but little problem in maths

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    It might be good only if you’re really really thorough with the lesson. One must know exactly where specific topics are, or else it is likely to be lethat in the examination time, as it is very time-consuming to search for the required part of the chapter.

    However, this is not the same with Maths… I have no idea how a maths paper will be if it is in the open-book system.

    I feel that this system is good for actually testing the skills of a student, though it might be risky.

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    Its good because it checks our understanding and the skills of thinking

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    is very good bcoz it helps in our overall development

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    And yeah it also improve your comprehensional section

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    Its good . We can learn many important facts from the Open Text Material.

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