CBSE Class 9 Solved Questions

I would grateful, if you could post me questions with solutions for Class ix physics and maths test papers. Thanks



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    i would suggest u to use mycbseguide topperlearning meritnation learnhive toppersarena
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    You can download solved questions for class 9 science and maths from download section of it’s free.

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    Hi…I would suggest you to try Myeduworld by HCL…it helps kids grasp subjects that seemingly don’t go with traditional education system i.e. through books and digests. The idea is…we all need to have knowledge and understanding of various subjects to comprehend in totality than mugging it up…For example,it helps in understanding concepts in detail with their usage & practical applications in solving problems & doing homework, helps in subjects involving lengthy derivations, complex formulas & experiments e.g. Maths, Science, it has extra reference material to supplement their classroom learning and many more.

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