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Thread: New Blue Print for Class 10 SA-2 English Paper

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    New Blue Print for Class 10 SA-2 English Paper

    Students of classes IX and X in CBSE schools in the city can now breathe easy. The Board has introduced a change in the pattern for the Summative Assessment - II English paper by reducing the number of multiple choice questions (MCQs) in particular sections.

    Currently, the English paper is divided into Reading, Writing, Grammar and Literature with the first three accounting for 15 marks each. The Literature section accounts for 25 marks.

    As of now, full marks for Reading and Grammar were made up from MCQs along with these questions accounting for 14 marks in Literature. Under the new pattern, the MCQs will carry only 10 marks in Reading and six marks each in Grammar and Literature.

    "With the MCQs being brought into the question paper, it was a big change for students because they could not just lift answers from the passage and put them down. It made them think a lot. However, if the board has brought in other question types, it will do students good as they can compensate here if they possibly lose out on marks in the MCQs section. If the board is able to achieve a reasonable balance in the distribution of questions, it will be nice," said Jashodha Sundar, head of English, Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya Senior Secondary School.

    The new pattern will see students taking up two passages in the Reading section with MCQs accounting for 10 marks. The question types for the third passage will be sentence completion and gap filling for five marks.

    While there is no change in the Writing section, Grammar has seen the biggest reduction in the number of MCQs. Students will get two questions that will have MCQs for three marks each. Three questions in Grammar accounting for a total of nine marks will be made up by sentence reordering, editing, omission and sentence transformation questions.

    Similarly, in the literature section, two extracts from the prose text or plays would have MCQs for a total of eight marks. This has been changed in the new pattern as these extracts would now require effort on part of the students to supply the responses, a circular from CBSE said.

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    Mar 2011

    what is this ???

    IS CBSE playing a game with students do they know what will be the effect of this ..??
    firstly the changed the pattern of English paper now they are again changing ......
    are they thinking we are a toy ....
    our future is depended on 10 th class and they are playing with it .....
    why are they doing it aren't they happy with what they have ... done ??????

    CBSE is totally doing nonsense things .......
    cant they wait for one year ???
    i don't understand what is the problem with CBSE ....

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