For the time in India the complete mathematics solutions is now here. Students nightmare is now about to get over with the launch of this extremely awesome website:smile:

Hey friends believe me this is not a website but a huge big education portal. I am bound to ask myself that what not this site offers.
Classes catered are
9th CBSE/ ICSE, 10th CBSE/ICSE, 11th, 12th, IIT, AIEEE, Olympiad, SAT & NTSE.

The following are the services that are being offered:

1. Video Teaching -> Exclusive classroom lectures.

2. Complete Books Solutions -> NCERT, R.D.Sharma solutions (very important book), M.L.Aggarwal solutions, Thomas Finney solutions, I.A.Maron solutions, S.L.Loney solutions, Hall & Knight, TMH and many other etc.

3. Online Objective Tests -> Future India exams getting online like CAT online in 2010. Special BITS test series, exclusive quality objective tests.

4. Model/Sample test papers latests pattern -> 9th (ICSE/ CBSE), 10th(ICSE/ CBSE), IIT, AIEEE, SAT, NTSE, OLYMPIAD.

5. Previous Year Solved Papers -> 9th national schools; 10th boards; +1 national schools; 12th boards; IIT-JEE; AIEEE, Olympiad RMO, INMO, IMO which includes 59 countries INMO papers solved, NTSE.

6. Full length Mock tests latest pattern --> Excellent striking rate. Specially boards and AIEEE. Latests CCE pattern for 9th class and 10th.

7. Objective Practice -> Practice objective questions and get alongside Pioneer Smart Solution.

8. Vedic Mathematics -> Exclusive mathematics tricks and very important in mathematics competitive exams with a guarantee that you can beat the calculator speed.

9. Correspondence Course -> Exclusive Pioneer booklets delivered at your doorstep and solutions available online.

10. Doubt forum -> Mathematics problem solution in your inbox within 3-4 hrs.

11. Formula Bar -> Revise all you formulas.

12. Unit convertor -> Converts all important units in this world including area, preassure, velocity, temp. etc.

13. Motivational -> Real Life inspiring stories and videos to motivate students to achieve their aim.

14. Mathematics Monster, Result Alerts, Exams Alerts etc.

15. CBSE/ ICSE latest pattern guess papers.

16. IIT Foundation courses for 9th and 10th class.

17. OLYMPIAD foundation courses for 9th and 10th class.

18. Special BITS test Series.

Never forget : The competition is really fierce and it is a war and only the toughest will survive and gives training to make you tougher.

Good Luck!! Fell the difference.