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Thread: CBSE or GSEB?

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    Apr 2010

    CBSE or GSEB?


    we are confused about selecting the education board for our 4 year old daughter. Should we keep her in GSEB (Gujarat Secondary Education Board) or CBSE?

    The only reason why we are considering CBSE is because the syllabus of CBSE is better compared to GSEB. The student have much better chance of competing at national level competitive exams if she has studied in CBSE vis-a-vie GSEB or state board.

    But the point in favor of State borad is

    1. I have herd that if the student studies in state board, then there are more number of seats available for her after she does her 12th Standard and Gujarat board allows admission based on 12th standard results.
    2. I have also herd that talks are on to upgrade the syllabus of GSEB equivalent to CBSE which means that GSEB students will be at par with CBSE students when competing at entrance exams.

    so if we can get benefit of syllabus equivalent to CBSE with previliges of GSEB why to go for GSEB?

    Will really appreciate some guidance here.....

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    Apr 2007

    You should select the school which you like this time. You can change the school or board any time before class 9. Right now you have more than 8 years to decide which board is batter for your child.

    I don't think after 12 years from today when your daughter will complete school eduction, she will be getting admission in only and only medical or engineering collage. She may have lot's of more options.

    Do whatever is convenient to you right now. Career prospects are changing rapidly. She may not have to depend on reserved seats in Gujrat state engineering / medical collages.

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    Apr 2010

    Thanks basantje...however we dont want to change boards or school after 8 years...i would rather have her study in school and board where she has been studying for past 8 years and concentrate more on her studies rather than adjusting to new school...though what you said can always be done....

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